Welcome to AlienCyborg Consulting. Since 2010, we’ve been proudly building and collaborating to build websites; specifically, …

AlienCyborg Consulting strives to deliver timely, effective, and lasting website solutions to its clients’ needs.

But what does that mean, exactly? Sounds like a bunch of corporate-speak, or some generic mission statement. So, let’s break it down a bit and tell you what we mean.

Timely – We will get your website up and running as quick as its requirements allow. On a larger project, that may entail launching in phases that are each useful in themselves so you can start getting results right away.

Effective – We will make sure your website does what you need it to do – no missing features nor frivolous up-sells. If your website needs to work together with other Internet services you use, we’ll make sure they play nice. We’ll ensure you’re comfortable working with your new website, or you can have us take care of day-to-day maintenance.

Lasting – We will build and launch your website using proven open-source tools and platforms that are widely supported. That means no vendor lock-in due to obscure or outdated technologies, not even to us! All final project files and items that are deliverable to you are yours to do with as you please.

Take a look around and see what we’re up to: